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Ilan Srulovicz

CEO, filmmaker, and actor Ilan Srulovicz is here to discuss the bill advancing in the Ohio state legislature that will be critical to protecting children from dangerous bodily mutilation and the corruption of youth sports.

IMPORTANCE: *Minors in Ohio would be prevented from taking any sex change drugs or surgeries, and any doctors violating this would also be liable to lose their licenses to practice. *Biological males have a distinct physical advantage in athletics, and allowing them to compete in girls sports is highly unfair. This bill would prevent this from happening anywhere in the state. *Everything in this bill used to be common sense, but in today's ever more radical political and social climate this sort of legislation is unfortunately necessary. The Major Point: Ilan discusses how the radical left's agenda is now even exposing children to being mistreated or even irreversibly abused, and why this sort of bill is both a good and necessary measure. Ilan Srulovicz is the CEO, designer & Founder for Egard Watch Company since 2012. The watch brand has been worn by celebrities and public figures, such as millionaire businessman and "Shark" Robert Herjavec, and actors Anthony Anderson and Jeff Daniels. Srulovicz is also an American actor featured on the hit TV series "The Walking Dead."

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