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Matt Schlapp is back with CPAC Tuesdays on the Buff Show. What is Pelosi drinking?

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CPAC Tuesday’s with Mercedes Schlapp is back to discuss the craziest of news on the show and a shocking school board clip.

Countdown to CPAC 2022 with @MercedesSchlapp

Wednesday means countdown to CPAC. Matt Schlapp is back to discuss CPAC 2022 and the war on children. 

Countdown to #CPAC2022 on the Buff Show with Mercedes Schlapp. 

#Conservatives #Orlando #politicalaction

Matt and Mercedes Schlapp are here to discuss exciting news for CPAC 2022 and Biden’s failed policies.

Mercedes Schlapp Interview 10-24-20The Buff Show
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Communications director for the Trump 2020 Campaign Mercedes Schlapp talks debate and the election expectations

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