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The fake news and race baiting liberals went full tilt on the Jacob Black situation. We cut through the BS to show you what really happened. 


The media claimed Jacob stopped to break up a fight between two women. 


Jacob stole the keys from his ex girlfriend and she called the police. The police are notified of the situation and are told he has an active warrant for Sexual Assault in the third degree. 



The Police walked up and shot Blake in the back


2nd video, on our website, shows officers attempting to restrain Blake then he brandishes what appears to be a curved knife causing the officers to jump back. And he walks them around the car and then suddenly reaches into, not getting into, but reaching into the car. That is when the polices officers properly engaged.  


Stories that the sexual assault charge was for the rape of an underage girl.


According to the criminal affidavit for the case, On May 3, 2020, Blake’s ex-girlfriend called the police after he had allegedly broken into her residence and stole her key to her vehicle, her vehicle, and her debit card before fleeing the scene. Blake’s ex-girlfriend, identified as “LNB” in the affidavit, said she had attended a party in Milwaukee. She rented a vehicle because she was not sure her car was mechanically capable of making the trip. LNB’s sister “Tamara” watched her three children while she was gone. She returned home around 4:00 am.

After returning home, LNB took her son to her bedroom and laid down to go to sleep. LNB says she woke up around 6:00 am to Blake standing over her. The charge came from the mother of his kids. 

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