Just a regular dad. Baseball practice, settling arguments and having beers on the porch. I just don't don't want to see my country flushed down the toilet. 

 With quick wit, sarcasm and humor Matt Buff takes a common sense approach to world and local events.  For years Matt has been reaching people all over the country with podcasts and radio shows giving you unique insights, great soundbites and interviews. The Buff Show will always leave you wanting more, and you can be a part of the movement.  Matt also owns a successful local marketing company call JJC Marketing Solutions. He is married and the company is named after their three boys, Jordan Jacob and Cooper. The boys are raised to be real men, not softies. Conservative with no fear.

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Daniel Buff is a college educated, free thinking, veteran that does not enjoy labels, which is ironic after bestowing himself with three labels to introduce himself. After returning to what’s left of America from his second tour in Iraq he had a newly found appreciation for very dark humor. Cliche combat stigma follows him around like Burce Willis’ ghost in that movie about the little devil child that sees dead stuff. Just like Walter with Vietnam, Daniel can rarely finish a sentence without mentioning Iraq. As a very insecure person he is often too honest and overly self deprecating, an artform that is heavily abused and overrated. Daniel often dabbles in absurd conspiracy theories about various powerful people that he’s really just jealous of. Listen in to some of his favorite hits such as, “ I’m pretty sure Michelle has a big ol’ penis” and “Bill Gates is compromised by a foreign government that starts with the letter “I”.....”