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Jared Julia

Recently, Utah legislature doubles funding for school choice program after 'overwhelming number of applications'. This is just one of the recent stories of Expanded School Choice legislation being passed in many states since the beginning of 2024.

Jared Julia is not an academic, pundit, or part of an anointed elite. He is a parent who put two children through the local public school system in rural Maine and then through college in other New England states. Much like any parent, he cares deeply about his children’s education and the education of his future grandchildren. Horrified by the woke indoctrination he saw firsthand in his kids’ public school system, he started a journey to discover the origins of this destructive ideology that is being taught to our children as an unassailable fact. 

Jared noticed there were plenty of books, lectures, and texts on the harmfulness of “woke”, cancel culture and DEI, so he decided on a different approach and created his best-selling graphic novel geared toward teens and young adults entitled: The Red Offenders: Critical Feather TheoryIn this short-read, graphic novel, you will go on a journey to a humorous, dystopian, world full of social topics that are both funny and dangerous. 

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