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Updated: Feb 11

Freedom Foundation is on with breaking news on Miami Dade teacher unions and other issues around America with the public sector unions and how you can


Ashley Varner from Freedom Foundation Update on the fight for teacher freedom and the latest SCOTUS battles.


Freedom Foundation with Matt Hayward will be here to give an outreach preview for the year, including a recap of our final outreach numbers for 2023, where we closed in December, and what we have to look forward to for 2024! 


Ashley Varner is back to discuss more left wing union shenanigans....


Maxford Nelsen is back to discuss how the Biden admin scrubs webpage showing how taxpayers fund union activities....

A report Max published was picked up by Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn regarding the amount of time federal government employees use to do union activity and union administration work on the taxpayer dime, during what should be normal government duties.


It's called "official time" and it means union members doing official union activity during their normal working hours that are supposed to be working for the American people.


The Biden Administration removed a webpage that documents the amount of hours (and corresponding taxpayer dollars) spent on union activity by government employees. 


Max is here to explain in more detail, and it should be an outrage to the American taxpayer that government unions are doing largely political work activities and being paid to do it by us the taxpayers. 


Here's Sen. Blackburn's letter to the Office of Personnel Management:


Allison Beattie joins the show...

Even though the Supreme Court hasn't yet taken up any Janus appeals, more and more govt employees are leaving their unions and costing the unions hundreds of millions of dollars. Ark, Fl, Tenn and KY all passed laws getting govt out of business of collecting union dues from employee paychecks, and hundreds of thousands of public employees are choosing not to return to the unions.


We're finding unions forging signatures and even refusing certified mail packages containing opt out forms -- and we're fighting them in court


Rusty Brown from with some important updates and a big win in Florida.


Dmitriy had a successful teacher opt out campaign helping a record number of teachers leave during their annual window.

OREGON: we were just published this morning at Real Clear Education with an article about the Portland teachers strike


Tomothy Snowball - The Supreme Court declined to hear one of our appeals on five forgery cases in California, Oregon and Washington state, but have so far not announced whether it will take up an important Janus appeal out of the State of Alaska.

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