Veritas Tactical - Your 2nd Amendment Questions

Updated: Aug 9

Communist judge allows the FBI to steal boxes and break into a safe at Trump’s Mar A Lago estate. The IRS army is also being assembled. America is lost, can we get it back? Great insight with Alex from


Gun Violence, Assault Weapons, and weapons of war are all terms made up to scare you into giving up your 2A rights. Alex from Veritas Tactical is here to discuss this and the real story with the Texas shooting.


Hands off our guns, kids, and parents. The leaders of the left are relentlessly undermining American values. Also, why is there always a major shooting when democrats hit the podium for gun control? Alex Ferrer from Veritas Tactical is here to discuss the war on 2nd Amendment, Biden’s ghost guns, and the strange coincidences.


Alex from Veritas Tactical is on the show the first Thursday of every month to discuss your 2nd Amendment questions. Send your questions to

Feb 3 2022

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