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Tony Brasunas

TONY BRASUNAS, independent journalist and author of the forthcoming RED, WHITE & BLIND: The Truth About Censorship in America and the Rise of Independent Media, which aims to explore media distortion and disinformation in the U.S. as well as the upswell of independent media that has risen up to combat it.

The corporate media is splitting us apart as a nation by telling different groups different versions of the same story. Worse, many of us hide our true thoughts for fear of being shamed or “canceled” at work or by those in our own families and communities. News reporting in the corporate media is not only polarizing but often as deceptive and distorted as the Chinese media. Many Americans don't know this because our channels are more sophisticated.

Thus, Americans are divided, deceived, and confused. This state is what Tony has deemed Red, White, & Blind. Tony’s forthcoming book and new video channel empower those who seek to understand and counteract these trends, to connect with those of differing values, and to become accurately informed about the world.

An independent journalist, Tony Brasunas was censored and sacked by Huffington Post in 2016 for covering the Democratic Primary from the wrong perspective. He's been researching censorship, media distortion, and disinformation in America for five years now, with the distinct hope that the underlying facts about "fake news" in America -- and the disinformation that is peddled every day in our corporate media -- will inspire Americans to exercise and defend our rights to Free Speech and a Free Press. He grew up in an intentional community in West Virginia, spent an adventurous year in China being lied to by their media, and lives now with his wife and son in Sebastopol, California.

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