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Tom Amenta

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

ISIS leader dead, does Biden remember? U.S. Army Ranger vets Tom Amenta and Dan Blakeley, authors of the #1 best-seller “The Twenty-Year War,” are here to discuss the mission in #Syria and the potential war in #Ukrain with #Russia.


No Way Home. Not just a great Spiderman movie but also a sad reality for Americans stranded in Afghanistan. Go inside the Afghanistan debacle with Army Ranger and man behind the book The 20 Year War Tom Amenta

In a shocking article published by Fox News, a press release from the U.S. State Department has acknowledged a larger number of U.S. Citizens than initially reported, left behind in Afghanistan by the Biden administration, with hundreds still trying to get home.
This is alarming given the pledge that no Americans would be forgotten, and it has now become apparent this is a direct result of August's chaotic withdrawal from the war torn region.
Now Afghanistan veterans and authors of the recently released best-seller THE TWENTY YEAR WAR, Tom Amenta and Dan Blakeley, are speaking out regarding this egregious and potentially dangerous oversight, expressing continued dismay and distrust of the Biden administration's ability to safely and efficiently withdraw
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