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Thea Shoemake

Thea Shoemake, homeschool advocate and founder of, a comprehensive online guide that helps shepherd parents through the new and unfamiliar adventure of homeschooling.

During the pandemic, interest in homeschooling spiked. TheaShoemake, an experienced educator, who had homeschooled her own children, was inspired to develop an online platform to help parents, who were considering making the switch; but for a host of reasons, remained trepidatious to pull the trigger.

Thea Shoemake created Homeschool Ready or Not to give parents considering the homeschool lifestyle a palatable foundational overview without overwhelming them.

Shoemake offers parents a number of information sessions on her platform, including answering fundamental questions such as: what homeschooling is, why people homeschool, and addresses the many myths or fears surrounding homeschooling — including ‘socialization.’

Homeschool Ready or Not is the most comprehensive homeschooling resource on the internet and Thea Shoemake is a deeply passionate and qualified guide to help parents navigate their homeschool journey from beginning to end.

BIO: Thea Shoemake is a homeschool wife, mom, and tutor, who has also taught at traditional schools. Shoemake has been involved in local, state, and national grassroots campaigns over the last 20 years to influence public policy because she understands that everything is political, including education policy. Shoemake is also the host of the podcast, ‘Everything is Political.’

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