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The great COVID-19 rebellion of 2022, “He did that!”

Not Just Pollack-tics with David Pollack

I find myself writing about President Joe Biden a lot. The thought has crossed my mind that I might be suffering from early onset Biden derangement syndrome, but honestly, I think it’s just that he provides so much great content. He’s like the gift that keeps on giving…a white elephant gift I guess, but whether he’s calling a reporter, “a stupid son of a bi*ch!” for asking questions about inflation or whispering answers to questions at press conferences, he never fails to provide something interesting to write about. When you think about it, it’s kind of baffling that this was guy the Democrat’s chose to lead their party. A grumpy, cognitively questionable pre-octogenarian with a temper. A leader so strong he must be led by hand across the White House lawn, stumbling as if he just had cataract surgery. C’mon man, they must have known what they were doing when they got Joe Biden “elected”. Considering his predecessor insolently warned that he’d transfer power from Washington back to the people, it seems Mr. Biden was just the patsy needed to provide Democrats with the chance to refill “the swamp” and implement their socialist inspired policies. You might recall the stack of executive orders placed in front of him on day one as he complained, “I don’t know what I’m signing.” Shush Joe, keep signing and you’ll get your ice cream.