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The great COVID-19 rebellion of 2022, “He did that!”

Not Just Pollack-tics with David Pollack

I find myself writing about President Joe Biden a lot. The thought has crossed my mind that I might be suffering from early onset Biden derangement syndrome, but honestly, I think it’s just that he provides so much great content. He’s like the gift that keeps on giving…a white elephant gift I guess, but whether he’s calling a reporter, “a stupid son of a bi*ch!” for asking questions about inflation or whispering answers to questions at press conferences, he never fails to provide something interesting to write about. When you think about it, it’s kind of baffling that this was guy the Democrat’s chose to lead their party. A grumpy, cognitively questionable pre-octogenarian with a temper. A leader so strong he must be led by hand across the White House lawn, stumbling as if he just had cataract surgery. C’mon man, they must have known what they were doing when they got Joe Biden “elected”. Considering his predecessor insolently warned that he’d transfer power from Washington back to the people, it seems Mr. Biden was just the patsy needed to provide Democrats with the chance to refill “the swamp” and implement their socialist inspired policies. You might recall the stack of executive orders placed in front of him on day one as he complained, “I don’t know what I’m signing.” Shush Joe, keep signing and you’ll get your ice cream.

Now, they do have to let him out of the basement occasionally to maintain the charade that he’s the one calling the shots. When they do, they must really get nervous, as if they were taking a toddler into a liquor store. As President Barack Obama once warned, “don’t underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to F—things up.” This now seems like a prophecy more than a warning. And when it came to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Biden didn’t just smash one bottle of booze, he took out the whole damn shelf. The one that wasn’t bare coincidentally. Don’t misunderstand, historically high inflation, the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, ongoing supply chain and labor issues, the border crisis, and reemerging international conflicts have all soured the country’s mood towards this President and his party along with him, but it’s good ol’ COVID-19 that seems to have the Democrat party’s hopes for further advancing their liberal agenda fading faster than the President’s train of thought. Here’s how:

Trust the Science

After vowing to “shut down the virus”, Mr. Biden’s policies resulted in an explosion of infections while at leaving Americans completely unprepared. Among his many failures, he neglected to proactively procure newly available antiviral treatments or any other innovative therapeutics that could have saved lives. Instead, he just insisted that people get vaccinated and boosted, demanded it actually…despite the growing research challenging the efficacy of that approach. At the same time, his Administration continued with a narrative that blamed the pandemic on the unvaccinated, while ignoring natural immunity and the spread amongst the vaccinated. He then doubled down on vaccine mandates on the claim that it reduced hospitalization in the face of evidence showing and equal number of hospitalizations among both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients infected with the Omicron variant. Additionally, he continues to promote or otherwise mandate “face coverings” despite CDC reports citing their inefficacy. Worst of all, they continue to mask school age children regardless of vaccination status or prior infection, despite World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines against masking children ages 5 and younger because this age group is at low risk of illness; because masks are not “in the overall interest of the child”; and because many children are unable to wear masks properly. Even for children ages 6 to 11, the WHO does not routinely recommend masks because of the “potential impact of wearing a mask on learning and psychosocial development.”

A Victim of his own narrative

“This administration’s failure on testing is colossal, and it’s a failure of leadership and execution!” This was a statement made by former Vice-President Joe Biden criticizing President Trump’s COVID-19 response at a community event in February of 2020. Yet, as the Omicron variant raged under now President Biden’s watch in late 2021 into early 2022, the shelves once flush with at home tests laid bare as people were turned away from testing centers with lines already miles long. After first blaming President Trump, Mr. Biden eventually just gave up acknowledging that there was no federal solution for the COVID-19 pandemic. Talk about a failure of leadership and execution, right? You might also remember when then Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden blamed President Trump for the COVID-19 death toll, arguing that more than 200,000 people in the U.S. were dead because Mr. Trump failed to take the virus seriously. At a subsequent Presidential debate, Mr. Biden stared uncomfortably into the television and asked: "How many of you got up this morning and had an empty chair at the table because someone died of COVID-19?” Well, Joe Biden is president now, and there are quite a few more empty chairs. Someone should place one of those “I Did That!” stickers where their loved ones used to sit…for fairness and consistency of course.

The horn heard around the world

One of the Biden administration’s biggest misconceptions seems to be that only Republicans or “Trump Supporters” question the “science” behind the COVID-19 vaccine and the available treatment options for the virus. Undoubtedly, a folly of only engaging folks in their own echo-chambers of thought. I’m sure you remember when popular podcaster Joe Rogan, a Bernie Sander’s supporter by the way, questioned the value of the COVID-19 vaccine for healthy young people amongst ongoing threats of cancellation and reputation destruction. To the ire of “fact-checkers,” his audience, estimated to be 11 million strong, are also questioning the science right alongside him. Even liberal comedians like Bill Maher have joined in the criticism of masks and mandates as the global backlash against pandemic related government overreach continues to grow. In addition to the ongoing protests over pandemic related lockdowns across Europe, truckers in Canada have formed “freedom convoys” in protest of cross border vaccine mandates. Their movement continues to gain momentum despite Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau labeling them as terrorists and racists and enacting emergency powers to have them arrested, seize their trucks and freeze bank accounts along with other abusive measures aimed at quelling the demonstrations. Like a horn heard around the world, more freedom convoys are forming in France, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Italy, to the celebration of cheering crowds.

Here at home, Democrat politicians have taken notice and they are scared. They’ve taken defensive positions against the truckers as the left-leaning mainstream media quickly dismissed them as a fringe movement while also labeling them as insurrectionists. Funny how that term comes up any time someone stands up to them. Although the freedom convoy is not a partisan movement, some news outlets have even tried to link the convoy to the GOP, likely to support their narrative that Republicans are also a fringe group consisting of terrorists, racists and insurrectionists. Activist online donation platform Gofundme even seized the millions of dollars in donations raised for the cause and attempted to donate the funds to their own causes until a growing backlash made them return the money to the original donors. Despite the collective effort by the left to minimize the truckers cause for freedom, Democrat leaders know that they have lost control of the narrative that they fought so hard to protect as people stand up to say enough is enough. Most are now shedding their masks in violation of local law and rejecting recommendations to get boosted, relying instead of the natural immunity from recently being infected with COVID-19. Communities are also coming together to challenge municipal COVID restrictions and liberal school board masking policies. Even in one of America’s most liberal cities, San Francisco, three radical school board members were just recalled for putting politics over the educational needs of the children.

He did that

Seeing the fall out from the Biden Administration’s bungled COVID-19 response, many Democrat leaders across the U.S. have begun dropping some of their unpopular mandates in a last-ditch effort to save face among their voters, some have even fled the party but it’s too little too late. It’s morning in America and the people are waking up in a post-pandemic world with scorn for those who artificially prolonged their suffering to serve their political ambitions. In a way, I guess President Biden is keeping his campaign promise to unify the country. As the American people rise up together against the Democrat party in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, he can take comfort in the fact that yes…he did that!

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