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Terry Schilling

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Recent events at Cornell University have brought to light a significant political shift happening within the academic landscape. Jewish students at Cornell have voiced concern as the campus grapples with complex political allegiances, particularly after several left-wing student groups seemingly defended remarks made by a professor who described a Hamas attack in Southern Israel as "exhilarating." This incident has sparked intense debate and reflection among students, many of whom have traditionally aligned with liberal values.


Terry Schilling is back on the show to talk about higher education's horrific response to the tragedy in Israel, as well as BLM's recent tweets.


American Principles Project (APP) president, Terry Schilling, is on the show to discuss how the radical left is working to indoctrinate college students because they know they are our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. Florida Gov. DeSantis made headlines when he appointed six new trustees to a Florida board - trustees that will actually focus on educating our youth, not indoctrinating them.


American Principles Project (APP) president Terry Schilling on is on the show to discuss how Governor Newsom isn't even trying to hide the evil happening within his own state. California is now openly promoting and protecting the gender mutilation of children.

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