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Steve Toth

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Texas State Rep. Steve Toth on Texas AG Paxton Acquittal & reinstatement as AG after Sham impeachment trial fails



Announces “Fourth for the Forgotten” Petition Campaign

The Woodlands, TX -- Monday afternoon, State Representative Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands) compared Texas and Florida in his call for a fourth special legislative session.

"Florida is outshining Texas, and it's unacceptable," said Rep. Toth. "I'm not the only one thinking this. My constituents keep asking to be protected from forced vaccinations, so they don't lose their jobs. Then they see Florida taking action while Texas silently watches from the sidelines.

"I'm grateful for the executive order preventing vaccine mandates in Texas," continued Toth, "but legislatively enacted laws will carry the day in the eyes of the court. While I respect the rights of Texas businesses to make their own conditions of employment, businesses need to respect the medical privacy of their workers as secured by the Fourth Amendment."

Only 54% of Texans are vaccinated; millions will lose their jobs.

"Only 54% of Texans are fully vaccinated," cited Rep. Toth, "which means millions stand to lose their jobs. We must take the next step to secure the personal medical freedom of every Texan. That's why I'm launching Fourth for the Forgotten to petition Governor Abbott for a fourth legislative session to stop vaccine mandates."

Fourth for the Forgotten is a petition drive to support a fourth legislative session, based on the Fourth Amendment, to protect citizens the government has forgotten: frontline workers, employees, students and military personnel. Fourth for the Forgotten will send the signed petition to Governor Abbott, who has the authority under the Texas Constitution to call a special legislative session. Concerned citizens can join the campaign on Facebook where they can read, sign, and share the petition.

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