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Stacy Whited

Updated: May 29, 2023

Stacy Whited is Christian nationalist media personality whose podcast is called “The Prophetic Report. After her speech at the Re-Awaken Tour Rolling Stone delivered a hit piece on her. What happened to rock and roll?

Stacy and David have always been entrepreneurs. We grew up in rural Kansas… Farm Country… and with very conservative values instilled in us. At 23 we started a successful online product brokerage company that gave us the freedom and flexibility to travel. We experienced the coastal values which only gave us a deeper appreciation for the Flyover Values we had grown up with as “Normal.” In 2016 we watched as a man we had respected in the business world took on the “Swamp” and “Fake News Media.” As he campaigned to be President we felt that he was truly a voice for the unrepresented majority in our country.

This man spoke the values of the Midwest and teared up as he talked about his love for our Country. Instead of apologizing for our flaws, he celebrated a system of government that grew to reflect the ideals of our founding documents. FINALLY, we had someone in the White House that stood up for us! We watched throughout his first four years as he continued to win for We The People! Throughout his 2020 campaign, we had no doubt he would win again and usher in another 4 years of winning for us, the people! During his campaign, we had many friends sending us articles and videos and many asking for our thoughts on what was happening in politics. We realized there was a vacuum for a community where we could share our ideas and stay up to date with what was happening. So, we decided to create this community in a private Facebook group called… Flyover Conservatives. This group continued to grow and grow by the hundreds and then by the thousands. Throughout the 2020 election cycle, it became increasingly apparent that big tech was no longer disguising their disdain for conservatives and began to censor any right-leaning content. We survived being shadowbanned, made invisible to search, incorrectly fact-checked daily, but when the great purge of Twitter users and then entire platforms like Parler began to fall, we knew we needed to take action.

The future of tech and communication is questionable and instead of backing down to the overreach, we decided to double down.

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