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Scotty Moore

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Candidate Scotty Moore is back on the show to discuss a big executive order from Governor Ron DeSantis.


Scotty Moore, congressional candidate for District 9 in Florida is here to discuss the red wave and what must be done.


Scotty Moore here is here to discuss his campaign for congressional district 9 in Florida and some surprising news from a local TV Station


Scotty Moore WINNER - District 9 FL Congress Primary


Communist judge allows the FBI to steal boxes and break into a safe at Trump’s Mar A Lago estate. The IRS army is also being assembled. America is lost, can we get it back? Great insight with Congressional candidate Scotty Moore


Scotty Moore is here, the congressional candidate for district 9 in Florida ran into some issues he is fighting.


In Davos a one world government is being created. Joe Biden sold the WHO and the World Economic Forum America. We have the solutions to get it back with congressional candidate Scotty Moore.


Congressional Candidate Scotty Moore is back on the show to discuss the campaign and the craziness in the world today.


Congressional candidate Scotty Moore is here to discuss the campaign, redistricting and the issues in America.


“On Election Day - November 8th, 2022 - we will send a clear message to America and the whole world that the movement President Trump started in 2016 continues strong and we are committed to SAVE AMERICA!”


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“Since the time President Trump was sworn into office in 2016, I’ve watched the left actively try and destroy America. Most Americans have questions regarding the outcome of the 2020 election. Over the disastrous past weeks and months of the Biden administration, America has been systematically disabled and destroyed - not only around the world, but right here at home.

“Every generation has moments it will be remembered for; this is our moment to rise-up and fight back. It is time for the good men and women in our country to stand up and SAVE AMERICA,” continued Scotty.

Scotty lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife and two daughters. He is starting this fight where he and his family live - right here in Florida’s 9th Congressional District.

“It is time we elect more America First Patriots who protect and defend our God-given freedoms, defend the Constitution and strive to keep America the greatest country on earth,” Scotty continued.

Over the past twenty years, Scotty has worked with a non-profit, international Christian missions organization and as a leadership coach. He has traveled throughout Europe and South America and lived in Brazil for nearly 6 years during that period.

After his extensive travels, Scotty believes with the strongest conviction and personal experience that there is no place like the United States of America. The land of the free and the home of the brave!

Scotty is running on an America First agenda: 100% Pro-Life, Pro 2nd Amendment, Pro Religious Freedom, no government mandates, lower taxes, and peace through strength. He is a pro-Trump Republican.

Scotty felt compelled to run because he believes we are experiencing a leadership crisis in America today and that leadership matters – in families, communities, and governments. The leadership crisis we are experiencing is threatening the stability and future prosperity of our great nation and the well-being of all Americans.

“I look forward to a spirited campaign, sharing my vision with voters, and taking back the House in November of 2022,” Scotty concluded.

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