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Satellite Phone Store

Updated: 2 days ago

Chris Hoar, spokesman for Satellite Phone Store is here to give the latest specials from and discuss data privacy.


Chris Hoar, founder of with updates on privacy, security and communication from Satellite Phone Store. Also, solar flare emergency coming?


Founder of Satellite Phone Store Chris Hoar is on the show to discuss the bundle savings and important reasons to protect your privacy and ability to communicate. Check out the savings at


Chris Hoar, founder of Satellite Phone Store, joins us from Colorado to discuss life saving technology from Get Iridium 9555 satellite phone, a Large Faraday bag for privacy and security, and a foldable solar panel charger for charging devices off the grid.

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Chris Hoar, Founder of Satellite Phone Store. Save big at Satellite phones, generators, survival products, training videos and more.


Chris Hoar, founder of Satellite Phone Store. Check out and save today...


Chris Hoar from is here to discuss the latest specials from Satellite Phone Store.


This segment is brought to you by Chris Hoar from Satellite Phone Store on communication survival