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Richard Lyons

Multi-award-winning author and political commentator Richard C. Lyons is here to discuss Shadows of the Acropolis Volume II and 2022 election

  • Why, as a citizen, does it seem that you are no longer represented?

  • Why is half the nation incensed no matter who the president is?

  • Why does the nation feel so politically divided?

  • Why are the people of this country polarized; why is anger between each side on the rise?

  • Why do people in the media, looking at the same facts, speak of different “truths?”

  • Why have our politics become a matter of name calling, closed-door maneuverings and political persecutions rather than a matter of respectful debate between parties of mutual respect and good intent?

  • Why are fellow citizens reaching for solutions through intrigue, hatred and violence and not through democratic processes?

Richard's newest book, “Shadows of the Acropolis,”

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