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Peter Golenbock

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Legendary Baseball Writer/Historian Peter Golenbock on the intertwined legacies of Roger Maris and Aaron Judge. His most recent book is the critically acclaimed WHISPERS OF THE GODS


Opening Day in Major League baseball and Peter Golenbock is here to discuss the baseball season and some history to the beloved game.


Let’s talk baseball with historian Peter Golenbock

Peter Golenbock, baseball historian and author is here to discuss his new book and the MLB Lockout.


A great chronicler of baseball history, Author and historian Peter Golenbock is one of the most respected and beloved baseball writers ever, including 10 New York Times bestsellers.

Books like DYNASTY: THE NEW YORK YANKEES, FENWAY: UNEXPURGATED, HANK AARON: BRAVE IN EVERY WAY and more have given fans incredible insights into the history of the game.

Now Mr. Golenbock has returned with 2 new books, WHISPERS OF THE GODS (Available February 15th) brings to life baseball greats from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s through timeless stories told straight from the players themselves and VALENTINE'S WAY (Now available), the story of veteran baseball manager Bobby Valentine.

Critics have called WHISPERS OF THE GODS ”A fascinating oral history of Major League Baseball in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s, as witnessed by legendary players.” and say VALENTINE'S WAY “Delivers an endless amount of insider material sports fans crave.”

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