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Patricia Cori

Hacking the God Code: The Conspiracy to Steal the Human Soul By Patricia Cori

As the threat of a second “pandemic” wave looms on the horizon, a call for “pandemic amnesty,” published in THE ATLANTIC by journalist, Emily Oster, implores us to excuse what’s been done to humankind with the experimental “vaccine” program that has left millions maimed or dead. We are watching the tragedy they have coined “sudden death syndrome” unfold everywhere around us, as even healthy athletes, young children and newborns are dying before our eyes.

The fiber of our societies, the global economy and our very lives are being mutated – perhaps forever. As the horrific truth is revealed, Oster tries to tell us that the vaccine “misstep” wasn’t nefarious. “It was the result of uncertainty,” she claims. “A mistake.” A “mistake?” Best-selling author, Patricia Cori, does not agree.

In her new book, Hacking the God Code, Cori delivers what she calls a “booster shot of truth” to all who are ready to hear it. It questions the machinations of an unelected power structure that rules above governments around the world, and exposes the sinister web of lies and manipulation that has been perpetrated upon humanity at all levels of society and the institutions we have been taught to trust. She reveals the design behind what has unfolded in the last few years—nefarious, indeed—and takes us on an eye-opening tumble down the rabbit hole to discover what forces are behind this phenomenon, and where they want to take civilization.

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