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Moms For Liberty

Updated: Mar 14

Tara Petsch from Moms for Liberty...


Jamie Hinkle from Moms for Liberty is here. She’s chapter chair for Fauquier county, Virginia. Her Chapter has been working with school board to develop a policy for vetting books for appropriateness. She’s also working to establish transparency in the district budget. The middle schools are implementing a new SEL program. The chapter has been working to inform and educate their elected officials about SEL. Perhaps the most interesting thing is their superintendent and his hunger to use his hatred for the parent movement to launch his new book, and a public speaking endeavor.


Moms for Liberty with Julie Page. She’s the Chapter Chair from Wake County, NC. Also, she is the Chairwoman of the Moms for Liberty North Carolina Legislative Committee. She lives in a place we call “Woke Wake” county. Julie is here to discuss the efforts of our NC chapters to support parental rights legislation.


Mom for Liberty -Jennifer Williams, Chapter Chair in Wayne County, New York. She has some information to share about governance for school board elections in New York that will blow your mind. New York is also still struggling under draconian covid mandates. Gender Theory is being pushed in the schools in kindergarten! Also, Jennifer is planning an exciting event you won't want to miss in NY.


Lindsey Smith, Chapter chair from Montgomery, Maryland.Parents in her county were notified that their fourth grade students would be reading a book and getting a lesson that concerns many. Check out this filth -


South Carolina recently held their Legislative Days at the State Capitol. Autumn discusses the legislative agenda from the Moms for Liberty South Carolina legislative committee

Gavin Newsom’s Wife Cashes in on Status from California Public Schools

Representation Project, a nonprofit group founded by Jennifer Newsom, has raked in $1,483,001 from licensing fees for a series of documentary films produced by Newsom and the nonprofit group since 2012, according to a report from the government watchdog Open the Books. A significant portion of those fees came from public schools (Washington Examiner).


Moms for Liberty with Lindsey Beckham. She is the Chapter Chair for Madison County, Mississippi. Fightin