Michaela Schmidt

Updated: May 10

Michaela Schmidt from Turning Point USA Faith is here to discuss some exciting events.


Michaela Schmidt, Citrus Faith Representative at Turning Point USA is here to discuss the new faith movement.

TPUSA Faith is on a mission to activate the faith community to be civically engaged like never before, by empowering pastors and equipping their congregations to take action. Our goal is to serve and support YOU and YOUR church, to build a coalition for liberty and the Kingdom.

We would love for you to be a part of this! We have many exciting things happening on the ground and would love to connect with you further, to see how we can best serve your community. We are also teaching an amazing biblical citizenship course that was developed by Rick Green with Patriot Academy giants like David Barton Kirk Cameron Bodie Baucham Rob McCoy Eric Metaxas and more are on there to educate people in the church on our foundation of faith and liberty that comes from above! The course is designated to educate people on our God-given rights and how to protect them in our modern American society.

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