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Michaela Schmidt

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

We head to Tampa for the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. Moms For America and the Matt Buff Show team up to bring you these exciting interviews. On this show we visit with Michaela Schmidt.


Michaela Schmidt from Turning Point USA Faith is here to discuss the exciting TPUS Youth Summit this weekend. The Buff Show and Moms for America will be there doing interviews


The Florida Parent Education Association 2022 Convention in Orlando with Matt Buff and Marina Hoffman from and

Michaela Schmidt from Turning Point USA Faith drops by for a discussion on new events and bringing faith back into America


Michaela Schmidt from Turning Point USA Faith is here to discuss some exciting events.


Michaela Schmidt, Citrus Faith Representative at Turning Point USA is here to discuss the new faith movement.

TPUSA Faith is on a mission to activate the faith community to be civically engaged like never before, by empowering pastors and equipping their congregations to take action. Our goal is to serve and support YOU and YOUR church, to build a coalition for liberty and the Kingdom.


Over 500 Pastors and their wives joined our First Annual Pastor Summit last week in beautiful Coronado, California! Pastors from all across the country came together to gain insight on how to righteously equip their congregations on civic duties. Through worship and fellowship, we were able to achieve something that has never been done before! Be sure to check out all the video sessions from the Pastor Summit below!

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