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Michael Wilkerson

Strategic advisor, investor, and the author of Why America Matters: The Case For a New Exceptionalism Michael Wilkerson is here to discuss yesterday's signing of the $1.7 trillion spending bill, and the many problems which exist with this massive amount of spending.

*Biden referred to this as a "bipartisan" bill, despite virtually no support from Republicans in the House, and majority opposition in the Senate.

*Defense spending increased about 10% to $858 billion, completely unnecessary given our already massive military spending that far exceeds any other nation, including China.

*Domestic initiative spending increased by 6%, and somehow managed to not have anything significant in it to curb illegal immigration or the enormous amounts of fentanyl getting across the border from Mexico. *The bill is over 4,000 pages and lumps together 12 different appropriations bills, guaranteeing that few, if any, members actually read the entire bill before voting on it.

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