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Michael Warren Davis

"Written in Stone" with Michael Warren Davis

Who Said This? “The Ten Commandments are . . . unsuited and inadequate to modern needs.”

The answer is the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw (Man and Superman) — but it could have been any number of modern-day skeptics.

  • Why non-Christian “spirituality” soon collapses into atheism

  • Why true liberty cannot and does not exist outside Christian tradition

  • When revolution is justified — and when it is not

  • How societies that exalt unfettered personal freedom inevitably degenerate into tyrannies

  • Can a soldier take his own life to prevent vital information from falling into enemy hands?

  • Can a woman jump from a high window to escape a pursuing attacker?

  • How modern conventions of speech have muddied the distinction between love and lust

  • Why the communal ownership practiced by religious communities cannot be the basis of society in general

  • Why every act of dishonesty is at the expense of the poor — whether the sinner is rich or not

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