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Michael Betrus

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Michael Betrus is back to discuss the masking of toddlers and how far the CDC will go for control.


Best-selling author Michael Betrus returns...


Best-selling author Michael Betrus returns with an eye-opening and in-depth look at the research behind the impact and effectiveness of lockdowns in his searing new book, COVID 19: The Science vs. The Lockdowns.

His new book continues to highlight statistics and research he began with his previous critically-lauded book, Lockdowns On Trial.

Featuring meticulously studied facts, statistical analysis, and science, Mr. Betrus endeavors to show the enduring impact on the US and beyond, both positive and negative, making a case for the lifting of lockdown measures and exposing the supposed effectiveness.

COVID 19: The Science Vs. The Lockdowns, is not a book proposing anti-vaccination or dismissal of safety precautions but raises important and science-backed questions about government implemented lockdown mandates and not only whether those imposed restrictions are effective, but what the negative ramifications are using well-regarded research and statistics from leading scientists and experts.

COVID 19: The Science Vs. The Lockdowns, published by Headline Books.

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