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Mary Grabar

The 1619 Project is coming back as the school year starts.

Mary Grabar has new material coming out on Tuesday in Debunking the 1619 Project where she exposes the lies of two recent 1619 project books by Nikole Hannah-Jones.:

· Children's book: The 1619 Project: Born on the Water

· a children’s picture book for kindergarten to eighth grade uses project creator Hannah-Jones’s experience as a child, propagandizes for the radical Black Lives Matter, and repeats the falsehoods about people in Africa being kidnapped by white people for enslavement

· . Hannah-Jones has been bragging that it boasts 1,000 endnotes and additional essays by credentialed and tenured academics

Grabar's new paperback edition:

• Exposes the backgrounds of academic “peer reviewers” and “advisors.”

• Delves into the endnotes and reveals the sketchiness of the sources.

• Provides the missing material for the reputable historians who are quoted to show that in fact their conclusions do NOT agree with the points of The 1619 Project.

• Provides the missing material for primary sources to reveal how they are used to mislead.

• Reveals stealth edits that nevertheless do not fundamentally correct the flaws.

• Provides an update on revelations made by Hannah-Jones regarding the fact that The 1619 Project is a deliberate misrepresentation of American history.

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