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Mark Paoletta

Mark Paoletta served in the White House as Assistant Counsel to President George H.W. Bush. In that position, he played a key role in the successful confirmation effort of Justice Thomas. Mr. Paoletta recently served as General Counsel for the Office of Management & Budget in the Executive Office of the President during the Trump Administration. Mr. Paoletta is a partner at Schaerr Jaffe LLP.

The Many Hours That Did Not Make It into the Two-Hour Award-Winning Film Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words; Now in Print as Supreme Court is Poised to Make Imminent Landmark Decisions

Thomas Weighs in on Abortion, Affirmative Action, Overturning Precedent, Joe Biden and Much More

WASHINGTON, DC --- As the Supreme Court is poised for imminent, landmark rulings, Regnery Publishing is releasing a new book that provides unique, never before seen exclusive interviews with Justice Clarence Thomas, the court’s most senior justice. The book is taken from many hours of interviews that were not included in the award-winning film Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words. The book bears the same title and is edited by Michael Pack, who produced and directed the film, and Mark Paoletta, an attorney who served as Assistant Counsel to President George H.W. Bush and played a key role in the confirmation of Justice Thomas. Over 95% of the book’s material was not in the documentary.

In Created Equal you’ll read how Justice Thomas is open to overturning precedent:

“With these notions like stare decisis, we say, that’s been decided, everybody fall in line. Well, then why are we here? Are we supposed to stop thinking? … Oh, it has been decided, or you know, conventional wisdom is this. Well, goodbye. I’ll think on my own. That was the beauty of why many of us found libertarianism appealing when I was in school because at least it freed me up from all these people telling me what to do. And it said: you think for yourself.”

The book contains excerpts of Mr. Pack’s interview with Justice Thomas. With unprecedented access, Mr. Pack conducted the longest interview ever given by any Supreme Court Justice. Justice Thomas weighs in on hot button issues such as abortion and affirmative action, Joe Biden and the unending attacks leveled against him over 40-plus years of public service.

“Now more than ever, readers will benefit from Justice Thomas’s words as he describes his life story, the racial and economic challenges he overcame, and the highlights of his 31 years on the Supreme Court. This is a unique book about a unique man, whether you agree with him or not,” Mr. Pack said.

“Justice Thomas’s story is one of triumph over unending trial,” Mr. Paoletta said. “Our book allows Justice Thomas to speak directly to the American people without media filters on his life story, his life lessons, and the key legal issues that America has confronted and will continue to confront. I have personally known Justice Thomas for more than three decades and the man I have come to know and respect is alive in these pages.”

The book is available right now and is exceedingly both relevant and timely as the Supreme Court considers many cases, including the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization which could overturn the Roe v. Wade decision. That ruling has been Supreme Court precedent for almost 50 years since it was decided in 1973.

Given the stakes, Justice Thomas’s words on stare decisis, his role as a judge, and the attacks against him over several decades bring a unique perspective to the cases the court is about to decide and their ramifications.

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