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Mark Burrell


~MarkBurrell's Book Highlights Biblical Principles and Their Role in Re-establishing the National Covenant as Envisioned by our Founding Fathers~

The principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have stood the test of time for almost two and a half centuries. However, today, we see very different interpretations of these ideals in a country that stands polarized, arguing about what the Founders meant with widely varied concepts of original intent.

Mark Burrell's new book, Rediscovering the American Covenant, published by Ballast Books provides fresh light on biblical principles for civil government and the citizenship duty all Christians have in the communities in which they live. These principles are extracted empirically from the Bible, showing how they informed the founders' actions in 1776, thus establishing our national covenant. The simple yet critical plan they followed is described—the exact blueprint needed today to restore America's founding principles. All the opposing arguments aimed at diminishing America are addressed, some in fresh ways.

Burrell, through his narrative, calls out to Christians and the church to rediscover the American covenant and pave a roadmap to restore America.

This book aims to present a thorough biblical argument for:

  1. Active citizenship as a vital part of the Christian faith (including sharing the Gospel).

  2. How this duty informed the founders' actions as they codified and declared our American national covenant.

  3. Steps for Christians to re-engage politically, to restore their local community and America to a God-honoring nation.

Mark Burrell's 'Rediscovering the American Covenant' offers a roadmap and provides solutions that connect concepts to the active citizenship duty of Christians while incorporating fundamental governing principles. 'Rediscovering the American Covenant', published by Ballast Books is scheduled to release October 11th and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

About the Author:

Mark Burrell is originally from Pennsylvania and grew up in the Episcopal Church, where he accepted Christ as a teenager. He attended Penn State University. In 1987 Mark developed a mentoring relationship with an experienced pastor and spent several years studying Systematic Theology. He began a teaching ministry in the early 1990s, covering various topics, and in the late 90s, became interested in Biblical aspects of the American founding. Along with being a writer, Mark serves as a Senior Executive in a Fortune 500 Company in Chicago.

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