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Lynda Bell

Updated: May 5

Lynda Bell, president of Florida Right to Life is here to discuss a dangerous amendment 4 that was added to the November 2024 ballot. Don't let clever wording trick you into voting for baby killing. Up to the moment of birth.


Matt Buff on Freedom Row at the 2023 FPEA Homeschool Conference with Lynda Bell


This show is brought to you by enter promo code BUFF. Lynda Bell from Florida Right to Life and Moms for America is here to break down the post Roe generation


More great interviews with Marina Hofman, PhD, author of Women In The Bible Small Group Bible Study and president of Moms For America Palm Beach County at the FPEA Convention in Orlando.

Lynda Bell from Florida Right to Life drops by to discuss the supreme court and pro-life issues.

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