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Luis Valdes

Updated: Mar 18

Luis Valdes is back to discuss Biden’s speech about taking your guns and an update on the Open Carry battle in Tallahassee


Luis Valdes from Gun Owners of America to discuss his latest op-ed, the super majority in the legislative session and the horrific murder in Orlando where the Orange County sheriff’s department and mayor blamed the gun.


Luis Valdes from Gun Owners of America is here to discuss the current issues in the FL Legislature in regards to Constitutional Carry.


Luis Valdes is the Florida State Director for Gun Owners of America. He is an Army veteran, retired police officer, and first generation Cuban-American.

GUN CONTROL IS RACIST: Luis has an op-ed that will be running in multiple Florida newspapers that uses historical analysis and state supreme court case material to compare the opposition to Constitutional Carry in Florida today to the racially motivated reasons for the passage of a permitting system nearly 150 years ago.


Luis Valdes, GOA's Florida State Director, is here to talk gun control's role in the election nationally, and also briefly discuss how Latinos in Florida are not buying gun control.