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Larry Ward

Updated: May 21, 2023

Constitutional Rights PAC Larry Ward brings decades of political, corporate, and non-profit experience He is here to discuss whistleblowers and how the left treats the ones they don’t like

Frank Gaffney and the Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC) will be releasing a groundbreaking new book, “The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party & Friends for Crimes Against America, China, and the World,”


Carlson Purge Prompts Hundreds of Thousands To Pull The Plug On Fox News

Washington, DC - Hundreds of thousands of citizens have signed a petition notifying Fox News that they Stand with Tucker. Speculation as to why Fox News severed ties with Tucker Carlson swirled as word of his ouster came on the heels of senior-level Democrats demanding Fox News censor the highest-rated cable news host ever.


Larry Ward, President of Political Media & Constitutional Rights PAC, Co-Host of Podcast, CMO latest project of CR PAC: He is here to discuss the trans shooter in Nashville.

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