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Kevin M. Hallinan

From his hardscrabble NYC upbringing, through the NYPD ranks, to command of America’s first ever joint task force on terrorism alongside the FBI, Kevin M. Hallinan lived a lot of history. From beat cop to detective, Hallinan maneuvered through some of America’s most volatile decades and saw from the inside the tenuous gray line between law and order. The job proved to be extremely isolating. And it was almost always hair-trigger.

Early in his career, Hallinan became embroiled in deadly mob cases, which pulled him under the scrutiny of the feared and historic Knapp Commission on police corruption. In extreme danger and under pressure, he persevered and kept his integrity intact. Higher-ups took notice and brought him into the chief of detectives’ office where he helped reorganize robbery squads and create innovative and responsive new police initiatives. One such effort helped bring awareness and sensitivity to sexual assault investigations and contributed to the creation of the revolutionary Special Victims Unit. And that was only the beginning.

As the 80s unfolded and deadly attacks on police, diplomatic missions, and corporate targets escalated throughout the city, Hallinan relied on the mentoring of a growing network of law enforcement notables. It was compiling this amazing human network that made him the perfect choice to help pull together and lead the pioneering FBI/NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force. The JTTF, as it came to be known, would go on to create many of the counterterrorism tools and tactics that keep America safe to this very day. After retiring from law enforcement, Hallinan began a new chapter as Executive Director of Security and Facilities Management for Major League Baseball.

His fascinating inside look at a life in law enforcement spans layers of history, explores evolutions in national security, and features game-changing heroes and eye-opening innovations. Kevin M. Hallinan’s life and learning are at once informative, thrilling, entertaining—and perhaps most of all, truly inspiring.

BIO: Kevin M. Hallinan is known as an innovative leader in professional sports security and operations. Serving under four commissioners as SVP of Security and Facility Management, Hallinan oversaw security for all thirty Major League Baseball Clubs, creating revolutionary new systems to better protect the game and its players.

Prior to MLB, Hallinan was commander of the FBI/NYPD Joint TerrorismTaskForce, where he was recognized for his contributions in the war on terrorism. He testified before the U.S. Congress on domestic terrorism and received numerous NYPD/FBI citations and the U.S. Attorney General Award for Exceptional Public Service.

Hallinan earned his collegiate degree at Fordham University and attended the FBI National Academy.

FIND THEIR WEBSITE HERE: FIND KEVIN ON FACEBOOK HERE: FIND KEVIN ON TWITTER HERE: Kevin M. Hallinan is co-author of Over the Wall: From the Dangerous Streets of NYC…Through the Birth of Counterterrorism and Beyond

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