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Kent Heckenlively

In a just-released SEC report, Disney acknowledged that the woke political and social agendas contained in its creative product have cost the company dearly and drained the value of shareholder stock.

Mr. Heckenlively says that the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) agenda is a dead-end philosophy that can only end in the destruction of all groups and is rampaging through society—whether it be the Nashville shooter targeting white children or Palestinian groups turning on their Democratic supporters? If the frame you present only consists of victims and their abusers, there is only one way this can end, and that’s with the poisoning of our entire society. He and Project Veritas whistleblower David Johnson have a new book called, The Diversity Con: The Secrets and Lies Behind the Shady DEI Industry. The sinister ideology David witnessed in DEI training during his time as a packaging engineer at Hasbro will blow your mind.

DEI and "wokeness" are being exposed as a total scam

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