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Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Senior Advisor, Quincy Institute & Editorial Director of Responsible Statecraft is here to discuss Ukraine, Russia and Rand Paul.

Senator Rand Paul stuck his neck out quite a bit last week when he threw a monkey wrench into what was, up until then, a smooth sailing $40 billion package of weapons and money to Ukraine. If passed, it would total more than $50 billion to Ukraine in two months. Paul said he could not vote for it unless the Senate approved a new special inspector general to monitor and track how the money was spent — but his broader concern is with the amount of money flying out of the US at a time of record deficits, inflation, and economic insecurity at home.

The Quincy Institute's Kelley Vlahos says:

Some 57 Republicans in the House also voted against the measure. It is certainly an unpopular stance to take, but as Americans are increasingly looking at the price of food and gas and the scarcity of products due to supply chain issues, there needs to someone calling for checks and balances on the money and weapons, as well as the overall policy, which lawmakers like Rand Paul is dangerously escalatory and not in the America's long-term interest.

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