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Judge Andrew Gould

Find Out About the 'No Trespassing Zone' border security plan Jun 30

Texas-Mexico border chaos: 51 migrants found dead in San Antonio inside 18-wheeler, reports say 50 migrants dead after being found inside sweltering semitruck in San Antonio, with more hospitalized Arizona AG Candidate's Ingenious Plan to Curb Border Invasion PUBLIUS SPECIAL GUEST: Judge Andrew Gould, is a former Justice on the Arizona Supreme Court and current candidate for Arizona Attorney General. Back in May, candidate for Arizona Attorney General Judge Andrew Gould offered an ingenious plan to Curb the border invasion. By designation the land bordering Mexico as ‘no trespassing zones,” Gould explained that the states are authorized under the 10th Amendment’s police powers to enforce state law. And “when cartels and caravan groups come across the border and step on state or private land, we have jurisdiction to enforce any criminal law they violate — the first, of course. is trespass.” Gould explained that per federal law “we can’t deport them, but they can voluntarily return to Mexico as part of a plea agreement,.” Also, “if they come back at any point of their two-year probation … they can go to prison.” No matter what group or category the illegal immigrant falls under, “there has got be a consequence for violating the law” — something that doesn’t concern Biden. But there are, of course, no legal consequences for illegally entering the United States under the Biden administration. But there are deadly consequences for those paying smugglers to get across. At least 51 undocumented migrants were found dead in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas and more than a dozen were hospitalized, authorities said. Two of those taken to a hospital later died, officials said, bringing the total death toll to 48 by Monday night. An updated figure was released Tuesday afternoon. Crews were at the 9600 block of Quintana Road where an 18-wheeler containing up to 100 migrants inside was found abandoned, Fox San Antonio reported. The discovery is part of what is believed to be a human smuggling operation. "This is nothing short of a horrific human tragedy," San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said Monday night near the location where the tractor-trailer was found. Authorities at the scene initially confirmed 46 individuals were found deceased, none of which were children. Officials did not say whether the individuals had migrated from Mexicoor elsewhere. "The plight of migrants seeking refuge is always a humanitarian crisis but tonight we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy," the mayor added. Sixteen individuals from the tractor-trailer were transported to the hospital, including 12 adults and four children. "We hope those responsible for putting these people in such inhumane conditions are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," the mayor said. San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus said a nearby worker notified authorities about the tractor-trailer shortly before 6 p.m. Upon arriving at the scene, officials found dozens of deceased inside the back of the transport vehicle. "This is now a federal investigation," McManus said. The police chief also said at least three people were in custody but did not specify if the individuals were suspects in the investigation.

FIND HIS WEBSITE HERE: BIO: Andy’s path to public service began with his parents. Growing up, the Gould family never had a lot of material success, but they were rich in far greater ways. Andy’s parents were good, hard-working people of great faith who stressed the importance of integrity, honesty, and humility – values that inspired him to pursue a career in law.

As a prosecutor in Yuma, Andy tried every type of criminal case imaginable, including the prosecution of criminal organizations located in Mexico. In 2001, Andy was appointed by the Governor to fill a vacant seat on the Yuma County Superior Court, where he served in that capacity for eleven years. In 2006, while serving on the Superior Court bench, he was appointed as the Presiding Judge for Yuma County. In 2012, Andy was appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals until he was given the honor of being appointed as Justice to the Arizona Supreme Court in 2016.

Arizona needs an Attorney General who will be ready on day one to go to court and fight for their rights, and Andy Gould is the right person for the job. Andy understands the legal challenges facing Arizona because he has spent more than 30 years addressing and presiding over the most complex civil and criminal cases in the State. To show his commitment, Andy has stepped down from the Arizona Supreme Court – a decision that not many before him have made. But to quote Thomas Paine, “these are the times that try men’s souls.” Arizona needs leaders who are willing to sacrifice something for its people, and Andy Gould has proven he will do just that.


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