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John Moody

John Moody, author of The World We Wish. Moody is the former Executive Vice President, Executive Editor for Fox News. A former Rome bureau chief for Time magazine, he is the author of four books including "Pope John Paul II : Biography."

The World We Wish takes the reader inside the stark realities of the Chinese communist system. A fascinating and intriguing story that seems too real to be fiction.” —Bill Gertz, journalist and author of Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy.

“Drenched in black humor, The World We Wish offers insight into a nation that echoes history’s most notorious regimes... Its greatest strength may be its knack for revealing what’s kept at arm’s length from us via the media and academia.” —Christian Toto, author, editor of

The World We Wish continues the love-hate dichotomy among Hui Jen-Sho, China’s architect of Artificial Intelligence, who sees the metaverse as a new world to conquer; Henry, the American wunderkind who betrayed his birth land; and the woman they both covet, the ravishing Ma-lin Cho. Just as in today’s China, where the only truth comes from the Communist Party—Socialism with Chinese characteristics—in the metaverse, nothing is what it seems.

BIO: John Moody, author of The World We Wish, is an American journalist. He served as the Executive Editor and Executive Vice President of Fox News. He was previously Chief Executive Officer of NewsCore, the former internal wire service of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, and Senior Vice President, News Editorial for the Fox News Channel before that.



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