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John Cribb

John Cribb is here to discuss Lincoln’s birthday 2/12 and Presidents’ Day 2/20. His latest book is The Rail Splitter, which chronicles Lincoln’s early years, and complements the earlier title Old Abe published in 2020. Cribb has co-authored multiple bestsellers with former Secretary of Education, William Bennett. His lifelong devotion to America’s most beloved president takes grand form in the two Lincoln books, which as novels, deliver profiles brimming with a vitality and humanity that is often lost in non-fiction historical works.

John Cribb brings decades of in-depth research and insights on Lincoln, the boy who overcame poverty, tragedy and adversity to realize the quintessential American Dream.

At a time when America is searching for perspective on what it means to be an American, there’s no better author than Cribb to bring the message home through Abraham Lincoln’s legacy.

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