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Joe Mandrusiak

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Freedom Foundation's Joe Mandrusiak, Outreach Director in Pennsylvania.

Freedom Foundation Thursday and JOE MANDRUSIAK

The Pennsylvania Outreach Director for Freedom Foundation is here to discuss #TeacherUnions and how teachers and parents are fighting back.


As Outreach Director, Joe also receives the opt out postcards union members send in when they want to leave the unions and stop paying into the union agenda.

A week and a half ago, someone mailed to Joe an envelope with a white, powdery substance. Joe had to call in law enforcement, federal hazmat crews, etc – because you can never be too careful.

Freedom Foundation received all kinds of threats on voicemail, email and the most obscene messages mailed to them, but mailing an unknown powder is designed to be violent. Joe wrote about it here:

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