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Jeremy Adams

Regnery launches the paperback version of: Hollowed Out: A Warning About America’s Next Generation by California Teacher of the Year, Jeremy Adams.

Many commentaries written about "Gen-Z" and Millennials are written by political pundits and politicians, or people with PhDs with little interaction with the young people they condemn or struggle to understand. As a high school civics and community college teacher, Jeremy Adams has a front row seat to America’s decline, where he's witnessed leftist curriculum has take center stage, drawing students deeper into abandonment of traditional history in exchange for critical race theory, anti-racism, pronoun and gender identity training, and more. Jeremy Adams is fully versed in this conglomeration of “enlightened ideas,” and he reveals the destructive impact these progressive ideas have on our nation's youth, and what concerned parents, educators and patriots can do to halt Gen-Z's decline into the "lost generation".

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