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Jennifer Barbosa

The steal. The covid scam. Now, the Trump witch hunt. candidate for US House in the 15th District of Florida, Jennifer Barbosa is here to discuss...

Lee endorsed DeSantis for President, and Trump clearly feels she is not sufficiently supportive of his policies. Jennifer decided to step forward to fill that void. Jennifer has experience facing far-left radicals like Adam Schiff in past political campaigns, and her roots in this part of Florida go back her entire life. *She has supported Trump and his policies since his first campaign began, and has vowed to back him fully if she wins the primary and the election in this Republican-leaning district.

Jennifer was born in Rhode Island while her father completed medical training at Brown University. Her family moved to Florida in the late 1970's, and has lived here for over 40 years. Her first job, at 15, was in her father’s medical clinic in Lakeland. She spent Summers as a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and as an after-school tutor for developmentally challenged children.

After graduating from Shorecrest Prep in St. Petersburg at 17, Jennifer majored in Human Development at Vanderbilt University.She then moved to New York City and worked as a documentary and talk radio show producer for Gary Null. Jennifer later moved to Los Angeles where she was elected Vice Chair of her Neighborhood Council and served until 2015. 

Her focus expanded from local to national politics in 2015, when Donald Trump announced his bid for President. Shortly thereafter, Jennifer launched a bid for Congress against her then representative, Adam “Shifty” Schiff, where she was able to earn the attention of President Trump and the most votes of any Independent congressional candidate in the nation in 2020.  

Jennifer has since returned full time to her Florida roots and is looking forward to replacing Laurel Lee in Congress after Lee has failed to live up to her campaign promise to put Americans First. Jennifer always has and always will support America’s border security, lower taxes, and most of all, the United States Constitution.

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