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Jeffrey Berk

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Jeff Berk at TruthTells is here to discuss why Jewish Dems should have (bc most of them didn't) voted to remove Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee given her past support for Israel.


We discuss the op-ed that ran on Fox News with Jeffrey Berk, the founder of Truth Tells. His group is taking aim at socialist Democrats like Ilhan Omar and others in the Squad

We hope you saw the new op-ed in Fox News yesterday authored by Jeffrey Berk, the Founder and CEO of TruthTells. His organization is working to hold politicians accountable for antisemitic votes and positions.

In his piece, Jeffrey recounts the history behind Hanukkah, where not only did Jewish revolutionaries (Maccabees) overthrow their Greek rulers, but they also exiled the Jews who had aided the Greeks in their religious persecutions of those in their own faith.

The piece effectively summarizes the goal of TruthTells, to highlight the failures of Jewish leaders to call out anti-semitism, especially within the Democrat Party.

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