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Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis, i founder and CEO of Election Fun Board Games.

Through political parody and hilarious “no-holds barred” jabs, Election 2020, You Decide, also called “The Game”, breaks through left-leaning cancel culture to entertain alongside partners with shared conservative values. Using safe QR codes and patented technology, players are split into two sides: Republicans vs. Democrats. Ships in time for Christmas...

It’s a Monopoly style board game called "Election Fun" that pokes fun at all the absurdity surrounding the 2020 Presidential election. Pitting the "Red Team" against the "Blue Team" to Acquire 270 or more Electoral Votes to win the Presidency.

On ‘The Road to 270’, players advance through the electrifying topics of the U.S. presidential politics and media in a ‘fact meets fiction’ entertainment first.

Be the hit at your holiday party this year with the gift that keeps on giving!

Your Lib family members and friends will be more than grateful for your contribution to the political talk that's sure to come up at the dinner table this holiday season!

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