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Jason East

Police Need More Protection, Fewer Gun Laws

According to USA Today,⁽¹⁾ the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund recently released a report that announced 64 officers were shot and killed in the line of duty in 2022. The organization wants safety and wellness programs nationwide to investigate why gunshot deaths in the line of duty are happening more now than 10 years ago.

Over the past decade, lawmakers have introduced about 2,000 gun control bills every year on the state level, and nearly a dozen are passed annually. ⁽²⁾ Federal gun control laws have been passed or are in the middle of legislation as well. But most of these laws are geared toward keeping the guns out of law-abiding citizens' hands rather than those that intend harm. As a result, more dangerous criminals have guns, despite the laws.

“Police need protection against criminals with guns. They need better equipment and training to use to their advantage,” says Jason East, President of Adams Arms, a Florida-based gun manufacturing company that was recently announced as the official rifle company for the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association Statewide Honor Guard Rifle Team. (3)

Arming, training, and educating law enforcement officers with semi-automatic rifles and handguns that are cleaner, cooler, and more reliable will help law enforcement officers feel in control,” concludes East.

About Adams Arms

In a changing nation where the fastest-growing markets of first-time gun owners are millennials, women, and people of color, the old public impression of gun owners has faded. Skill proficiency, adventure, and empowerment are spearheading the sharp demand for firearms and ammunition, while personal and home defense continues to be a driving force. Adams Arms, headquartered in Brooksville, Florida, is the face of reliable, clean, and cooler AR15 firearms operation with its patented piston drive action — favorites of gun enthusiasts across the country. Known for their years of parts experience and engineering and design prowess, their Retro-Fit system can be installed by owners, or piston-action arms can be purchased new. Adams Arms’ proprietary PVD and Melonite® process and their lifetime warranty make their lineup of products dependable for years to come. Adams Arms is there when it counts the most. Visit

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