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Jason Dean

Dr. Dean has been speaking professionally for over 15 years. Currently, he is educating audiences about the latest, cutting edge science regarding Nutrition with Nano-Particle Detoxification, The Full Moon Parasite Protocol and Clot Shot Defense.

Dr. Jason Dean’s Mission:

The mission is really multiple fold, but falls under the category of health care.

  1. Change health care from sick care to health and prevention through natural health.

  2. Save as many children from the medical and Pharma cartel as possible. Educate on the dangers of vaccines and psychotropic drugs.

  3. Help people reverse chronic health conditions.

Dr. Dean fulfills his purpose by promoting Parasite Protocols and educating on these and other natural health care products. Website: Store website: www.BraveTV.Store

95%+ of all health issues are due to parasitic infections. Dr. Dean has the solutions to help reverse this. Parasites are not only all around us, they are in childhood as well as covid vaccines.

Dr. Jason Dean’s Bio:

Founder, creator and owner of BraveTV.

Dr. Jason Dean is a Husband, Father and Doctor calling out Medical and Pharma Cartels. Dr. Dean is best known for helping people reverse chronic health issues. For 19 years, Dr. Dean and his wife have operated their private practice in Central Florida, one of the largest Functional Nutrition & Chiropractic offices in the world.

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