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Janet Sanders

Mexican Officials Must Answer for Violence Against Americans Is it safe for Americans to move to Mexico or even vacation there?

The answer is “Absolutely not,” says Janet Sanders, a successful, retired American businesswoman who moved to Yucatan in 2016 with her husband, Joe. On October 9, 2021, and again on January 19, 2022, the couple was attacked and terrorized at their home by a mob aided and abetted by Mexican police. On January 19, a group of approximately 40 thugs armed with machetes and guns attacked the home of Janet and Joe, holding them hostage for 22 hours. Under the direction of a son of the area’s Police Comandante, the mob destroyed the home’s electrical and water system and the couple’s computers and related equipment. Several police officers were on hand; they just stood by and watched. Total losses from the rampage are almost a quarter of a million dollars. This was all part of a violent intimidation campaign to force them to leave their beautiful home. Fearing for their lives, Janet and Joe did so after the second attack. Now, Janet Sanders is fighting back. She and her husband have petitioned the Governor of Yucatan to commission an investigation of the police and all other officials involved in fomenting this crime. Janethas contacted U.S. officials as well. Her evidence is abundant, including photos, videos, signed legal documents, and Mexican government-issued findings. To view a letter sent to Mexican officials about this, click here.

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