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James Patrick

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

James Patrick is a film director, economist and investigator. In the response to global lockdowns in 2020, he directed the international documentary Planet Lockdown, shot in 9 counties and translated in 17 languages. Currently, James is about to release his new film based on the Dutch farmers and their struggles called NITROGEN 2000. With attacks on the global food system at work and world-wide land grab schemes unfolding, James Patrick is on the case.

Nitrogen 2000 – The Dutch Farmers’ Struggle Nitrogen 2000 is a 30-minute documentary on the Dutch Farmer struggle of 2022/23. Why has the Dutch government created a 25 billion euro Agricultural Transition Fund to buy out up to 50% of their cattle farmers by the summer of 2023? What is really going on here? In Nitrogen 2000 we get to the bottom of the story. We tour Holland to speak with all the top players in the story: 1. Erik Luiten, board member and spokesperson for Agrectie, a moderate farmers group 2. Jos Ubels, Vice President of Farmers Defense Force, a staunch farmers group 3. Tjeerd de Groot, MP and architect of the policy restricting the farmers 4. Wybren Van Haga, MP and opponent of the policy restricting farmers 5. Professor Han Lindeboom, leading government scientist critical of the models justifying the policy 6. Sietska Bergsman, Political commentator 7. Jos Bolk, Farmer with land in and near Nature 2000 areas Filmmaker, James Patrick explores the involvement of the main farmer bank in the scandal, Rabo Bank, who has taken the side of the government, and has already begun sending loan recall letters to farmers. We investigate the environmental NGOs close to the government who are lobbying for this policy and will conveniently end up as the custodians of the Dutch countryside once the farmers are removed from the land. We inquire into why the government is pushing a policy that will drive up food prices at a time when food shortages world-wide are affecting us all. What does this mean for the future of our food supply? After decades of advocating “Food Security,” why is the Dutch government now advocating a policy that purposely makes Holland completely dependent on foreign food production?

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