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Haters Gonna Hate

The Biden Mid-term Strategy? Be A Hater.

My clock says we went from Alt-Right to Deplorables to Ultra MAGA to Semi-fascists in half a decade.

You may have missed it a week or so back, when the former head of the US intelligence community announced that he hates half of America and considers us worse than terrorists. But in a tweet, former CIA and Department of National Intelligence chief Michael Hayden did just that.

Leftwing journalist Edward Luce tweeted on August 17 that he has covered “extremism and violent ideologies around the world,” and has “never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous, and contemptible than today’s Republicans. Nothing close.”

Luce let al Qaeda, ISIS, Iran’s mad mullahcracy, the genocidal concentration camp-running butchers of Beijing, and even the communist thug family that runs North Korea off the hook.

Former CIA director Michael Hayden chimed in with a simple tweet: “I agree. And I was the CIA director.” Which he was, and which brings up a few questions.

If Hayden really believes this, would he manipulate media, manipulate elections, or worse, in the name of stopping this movement he views as so insidious and dangerous? Wouldn’t he, a former Air Force general who took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, see it as his duty? How might one who harbors such hatred for his fellow Americans use the authority that multiple presidents had placed in his hands? What would he consider out of bounds?

He’ll never answer that question, but other Democrats are rising to the occasion. Colorado’s Democrat secretary of state is out saying that anything but a vote for Democrats destroys our “democracy.” (We’re a republic, not that that seems to matter anymore.) Secretary of state at the state level is an important office; it oversees the administration of elections. What might a secretary of state who believes one party is a genuine threat consider the right and ethical thing to do with votes this November?

New York’s appointed Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul told millions of Republicans to leave New York. She wasn’t kidding around. Hochul wants total, unchecked power and pushing all Republicans out of New York is one sure way to achieve that.

Hochul has tried walking that back, claiming that she merely wants Lee Zeldin to leave the Empire State. Well, he’s the GOP nominee for her job. If he were to leave, the election is over, which is what Hochul and too many Democrats want: no more elections.

By the way, an assassin tried to kill Zeldin a few weeks ago. The media has already buried that, just as it buried the Bernie bro who tried to kill several Republicans at a baseball game.

At a partisan fundraiser last week, President Joe Biden laid the groundwork to destroy the Republican Party by using his bully pulpit to call it “semi-fascist.” Biden has never been very bright but he knows what he’s doing. He’s casting legitimate challenges to the power he wields, and which he has melded to privately owned social media giants, as illegitimate – echoing Hayden and building on what the Colorado secretary of state and Gov. Hochul have said.

There’s nothing accidental about any of this. As I write in my best-selling book, The Woking Dead, this is where woke policies are designed to lead. This is why Democrats are pushing wokeness everywhere. It’s not about correcting any wrongs of history. It’s about capturing and holding total, unchecked power, forever. They would ban the Republican Party outright if they could, but since they can’t get away with that (yet) they’ll settle for driving it out of states they’ve captured and intimidating millions into staying home in November.

The Democrats’ long game is more dangerous. Such eliminationist rhetoric inevitably has consequences. The woke rhetorical war on cops is making our streets too dangerous in too many Democrat-run cities. The woke White House will weaponize government, with the willing help of people like Michael Hayden, to wipe out all dissent – and they’ll justify it as their twisted patriotic duty.

A.J. Rice, is President & CEO of Publius PR, Editor-in-Chief of The Publius National Post, and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.

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