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Hampton Conway III



Why are Men Being Treated As 2nd Class Citizens?

ABUSED MEN ANALYST: Hampton Conway III, is the Executive Director of the Movement Ministries. Hampton is a father of ten and an educator of many. He has over 20 years of experience in education and even more in ministry and in service to others. Hampton is passionate about using his gifts and talents to uplift and inspire others.

Will The Department of Justice Believe Them?

Drawing from his own experience as a battered husband and as a father of 10 children who also endured abuse, Hampton is passionate about empowering others to effectively deal with all forms of domestic violence.

Hampton says, "I am passionate about advocating for all victims and survivors of domestic violence but due to my experience, I also focus on male victims and survivors. I have collaborated with another organization and mental health experts to start a support group for male victims and survivors. I am working with other local organizations as well to bring more awareness re: male victims and other populations of victims that are not as talked about.

The other organizations include Sisters4Sisters, Moving4Jesus, DC Alliance for Empowering Homicide Survivors (DCAEHS), and Voices Against Domestic Violence (VADV). VADV in particular seeks to replicate a transitional housing program for female victims that they have done in West Virginia. The project here in the DMV will support male victims and their children. My non-profit, Movement Ministries, focuses on supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence, returning citizens, and low-income families."

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