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Updated: Dec 19, 2023


Allison Beattie from is here to discuss the bullying tactics of a desperate teacher union in Miami Dade County

Thankful for Freedom Foundation for the record breaking opt outs and legal fights. Check out the articles and more at


Freedom Foundation: Allison Beattie is Director of Labor Policy, a Florida native, graduate of Florida State University College of Law.

She's working closely with Rusty on the Miami-Dade campaign to oust the old teachers union and help establish a new independent, apolitical association. She has also filed unfair labor practices against a principal and union organizer who is trotting union representatives through the schools -- during school hours and interrupting classroom time -- to intimidate the teachers into signing back up for membership!

Attorney and Chairman of Americans for Fair Taxation, Steve Hayes is here to discuss The Rise and Fall of the World’s Most Successful Joint Venture


On Freedom Foundation this week we have an excellent update for you from New York. Ryan Brooks, Freedom Foundation New York director has been breaking state records for Opt Outs in New York, and there's been some specific outreach to college campuses in New York State about the anti-Semitism exposed this summer with the valedictorian speech at CUNY Law School, and now more targeted speech regarding the pro-Hamas radicalism of the teachers' unions supporting the professors.


Brent Urbanik. He's a longtime Miami-Dade teacher and the president of the Miami Dade Education Coalition.

Here's a video we put together with the teachers forming the new association:

Here's the last CBS Miami piece on the Miami Dade teachers' campaign.


Maddie Dermon from It's no wonder we see college students who have been indoctrinated in teachers' union politics on high schools and college campuses -- including the pro-Hamas and anti-Israeli demonstrations that make many Jewish kids feel unsafe to go to class.


Ashley Varner from Freedom Foundation with more breaking news on the Public Union front


Ashley Varner is back from to discuss more breaking news.


Eloise Smith from is back on and talking about the latest teacher news and any notable quotes from the GOP debate.


Ashley Varner from Freedom Foundation is here to discuss candidate talking points on education and more. Freedom Foundation is the place to go to


Freedom Foundation with breaking news and Randi Weingarten gets schooled on CSPAN. Maxford Nelsen back with an infuriating new investigative report about CDC emails suggesting requiring COVID vaccines for students. National Outreach Coordinator and director of Illinois state outreach, Ryan Horan is here too


Maddie Dermon from is back to discuss "Education Runs a Distant Second to Leftist Activism at Teacher Union Conventions" and more


More breaking news from Freedom Foundation on the Randi Weingarten and union front. Michael Ciccio is back -- we've got another record-breaking month of opt-outs, and a knock on the unions trying to promote themselves every Labor Day, but the numbers just don't match their rhetoric.


Ryan Brooks from is back this week, as well as Michael Ciccio – the national outreach director.

Ryan has some exciting news out of New York unions, and Michael has some breaking news about our record July where – for the first time ever – the rest of the country opt outs beat our original states on the West Coast!

We’re very excited to see so much growth in our national expansion!


Ashley Varner from Freedom Foundation with important news on the teacher union front


Freedom Foundation - Eloise Smith and Maddie Dermon – are here to do a deep dive on what they learned from the teachers who attended the conference, the teacher feedback, how we’ve seen an increase in op touts from teachers after they left the conference


Timothy Snowball from is back to discuss some shocking cases concerning teacher unions.


Freedom Foundation special with Erin Volz and Ashley Varner who are talk about Erin's new blog post about the SEIU preventing Seattle City Council from prosecuting public drug use laws!


Freedom Foundation special segment - Five Years of Union Freedom Under Janus v. AFSCME and more breaking news....


Freedom Foundation live with major updates on the unions demanding more power. Juliana and Ryan both have updates on New York teachers association, pushing propaganda and Ryan Brooks has an interesting tale to tell about getting under the skin of the largest New York public employee teachers union that is going ballistic over our outreach to them.


Also, the latest updates on public sector unions from with Ashley Varner and Juliana Rubio – new communications strategist and spokesperson


Aaron With, CEO of Freedom Foundation is back to discuss his debut book, Freedom is the Foundation. America was built on the foundation of freedom, and today we see government unions pushing for Critical Race Theory in our classrooms, defunding the police, closing down schools and dumbing down our children’s education.


Freedom Foundation is going to give us an update on our national outreach efforts to help people learn about their rights to leave their union. Matthew Hayward and Ashley Varner are here.


Freedom Foundation Ashley and Eloise will join us again to talk about the disaster that is Colorado teachers unions. We were published this morning at Townhall as part of a series we’ve been doing to uncover political propaganda in Colorado public schools.

Colorado is shaping up to be the new national battleground state in parental rights in education – and it’s perfect that that’s where we’ll be in July for the teachers’ conference.

"Colorado teachers continue flirtation with communism"


Maxford Nelsen from is back tonight! He came out with a report on Tuesday about Randi Weingarten’s pension records – you’re gonna wanna see this!


More breaking news on the public sector union front from Freedom Foundation.


Rusty Brown and Ashley Varner are back with a big update from


Rusty Brown from giving you the lowdown on the Arkansas bill signing, what that was like getting it through in record time, and what to look forward to in Florida before sine die.


Ashley Varner here to discuss the Florida House State Affairs Committee approved a Freedom Foundation bill to end government collection of union dues from teachers’ paychecks, sending Senate Bill 256 to the House floor.


Freedom Foundation is the best place to from public unions.


CPAC recapp and big news for the Denver event. the latest news on the union front with Freedom Foundation...


Rusty Brown from Freedom Foundation is here to discuss the BREAKING NEWS: Florida Senate Advances Union Accountability Bill


Freedom Foundation update from CPAC 2023. Check out to break away from union dues.


Foundation discussion with Ashley Varner Vice President of Communication and Federal Affairs


Freedom Foundation Update with Rachel Maiorana,, California Outreach Director and Ashley Varner, VP of Communication and Federal Affairs. nationwide Valentines Day “break up with your union” campaign and Exclusive: California Teachers Union Numbers Show Declining Membership at 587 of 995 Affiliates Since 2019Freedom


Foundation discussion with Ashley Varner Vice President of Communication and Federal Affairs and Rusty Brown Director of Special Projects. Gov. DeSantis’ education plan and how it empowers teachers – but NOT the teachers’ unions. Also, Joe Biden signs bill to go after PPP Fraud...Except for his friends. Also, new event coming…


Freedom foundation discussion with Erin Volz, Washington State outreach director and National Outreach director Matthew Hayward.


Freedom Foundation update with Ashley Varner. Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with new numbers – union membership rate at an all-time low. Visit


Freedom Foundation with Ashley Varner. This segment is brought to you by


Timothy Snowball - Freedom Foundation legal counsel - Supreme Court has put two of our forgeries on their docket for January 20 and more. This segment is brought to you by


This segment is brought to you by SYDNEY PHILLIPS Deputy Chief Litigation Counsel gives updates on Freedom Foundation litigation




This segment is brought to you by Ryan Brooks, NY and NJ director discusses This past Thanksgiving, the Freedom Foundation beat those odds by launching its most successful email campaign to date in the state of New York


The segment is brought to you by DMITRIY SASHCHENKO - OREGON OUTREACH DIRECTOR - Oregon Teacher Union Membership Sharply Decline


Ashley and Charli are here from to discuss the rail strike and congress.


This segment is brought to you by Shella Alcabes - LITIGATION COUNSEL joins us to discuss a big court case. Also Charli Brown is here with opt out updates


This segment is brought to you by Ashley Varner and Charli Brown - Teachers’ Union Leaders Don’t Even Bother to Lie Anymore About Their Real Agenda


Freedom Foundation with breaking union news...


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Charli Brown. The left wants amnesty for their pandemic crimes. No Way. Also, big unions push affirmative action. Will the court do the right thing?


Freedom Foundation here with some big announcements


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Maxford Nelsen and Charli Brown


This segment is brought to you by Washington State Outreach Director, Erin Volz


Crazy and explicit information coming out of school districts and teacher unions. Freedom Foundation updates with Ashley Varner and Charli Brown


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Ashley and Charli


Freedom Foundation Thursday - Tim Snowball and Charli Brown


Freedom Foundation Thursday - ASHLEY VARNER






Freedom Foundation Thursday - Maxford Nelsen is the Freedom Foundation's Director of Labor Policy. Ashley Varner - Vice President of Communication and Federal Affairs - EDUCATORS IN ILLINOIS’ LE ROY SCHOOL DISTRICT REPLACE NEA WITH INDEPENDENT UNION - Fire Whites First: Minneapolis Public Schools Refuse to Back Down Despite Criticism


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Ashley Varner and Charli Brown.


We head to CPAC in Dallas with the Freedom Foundation


Check out the Freedom Foundation special Friday segment with Rachel and Ashley.


Talking Star Wars on Freedom Foundation Thursday with Dmitriy Sashchenko and Timothy Snowball


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Timothy Snowball and Sydney Phillips - The Lawyers discuss the Janus anniversary from the Supreme Court. Also we have a fun discussion on Star Wars, Marvel and Top Gun.


Maxford Nelsen is back from to discuss the Biden conundrum in front of the largest labor union meeting.


Freedom Foundation Thursday on the Show discussing out of control unions in California and Ohio with Rachel Wiegel and Lauren Bowen.


Freedom Foundation Thursday with attorney Shella Alcabes s who discusses the evils of public sector unions and how they are different from private sector unions. Shella‘s family immigrated to America by escaping communism in the eastern bloc.


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Rusty Brown, director of special projects and Samuel Coleman assistant national outreach director.


Freedom foundation Thursday with Dmitriy Sashchenko and Tim Snowball.


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Ashley Varner, they just hit a big milestone.


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Lauren Bowen from Ohio and Dmitriy Sashchenko from Oregon are here to discuss the progress from people breaking away from the unions.


Maxford Nelsen from the is back with some shocking news on how unions are stealing tax dollars.


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Matt Hayward. He is national outreach director and oversees operations across the country to help people get out from under union control.


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Ashley Varner


4-7-22 Freedom Foundation Thursday with Lauren Bowen and Ashley Varner. We discuss Biden’s action plan for unions and the schools.


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Sydney Phillips, Deputy Chief Legal Counsel and Tim Snowball, California Litigation Counsel


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Maxford Nelsen and Jason Dudash. We discuss the Union support of Judge Jackson and unionizing legislative aides? Check out the article


Freedom Foundation Thursday with Joe Mandrusiak from Pennsylvania and Lauren Bowen from Ohio.


Freedom Foundation Thursday on the Buff Show with California director Rachel Wiegel and Rusty Brown, director of Special Projects to discuss the latest in teacher unions and the mission.


The Freedom Foundation team joins us at #CPAC2022 for some great insights to the union control in America.

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