Florida Parent Education Association 2022 Convention

Updated: Jun 10

We bring you awesome interviews from the Florida Parent Education Association 2022 Convention in Orlando. Matt Buff and Marina Hoffman from and host many great guests Check out


Authors John Leake and Dr. Peter McCullough. Their new book is THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex...


We chat with Judicial Watch’s Mat Staver at the FPEA Homeschool Convention


Dr Ryan Cole is here to discuss medical freedom.


Lynda Bell from Florida Right to Life drops by to discuss the supreme court and pro-life issues.


Sue Puchferran from the FPEA who is a homeschool veteran of over 25 years.


Moms for America Executive Director Quisha King discusses racism in America from the left and how Joe Biden screwed up everything in history. Check out her show at and enjoy this interview...


Maureen Van Hoek is here with Nick Caturano to talk about medical freedom in education.


Matt Buff and Marina Hoffman from and are join by Sue Trombino from Women Impacting the Nation.


Will Spencer and Micha Moreland are here to discuss Patient Advocate Bulldog and vaccines.


Marina Hofman, PhD, author of Women In The Bible Small Group Bible Study and president of Moms For America Palm Beach County at the FPEA Convention in Orlando with Matt Buff and Keith Flaugh, Keith is a Managing Director of Florida Citizens Alliance, which in 4 short years has become a respected advocate for K-12 education reform in Florida, based on the fundamental values and principles of liberty, which Keith pursues with unrelenting passion.

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