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Dutch Masters

Dutch Masters, is the CEO of Carnivore Traders. his secret group of conservative top former analysts and traders from major financial institutions are taking on the big Wall Street guys and beating the crap out of them with their stock picking strategies!

The trading world has changed. You can trade for free at many different firms. Because trading is commission free, the most important thing for millions of traders is information…what to trade and when. When to buy and when to sell. What to buy and what to sell. We are not day traders. We buy and sell our positions just about every 7 days to up to 60-90 days. You can choose to hold longer, and many people do. We find great companies that many people have never heard of before, and when they see what these companies do, they often want to hold them longer. The power is in your hands. We don’t manage money and we don’t want your account. You manage your account – we deliver the explosive trades in quality stocks. No penny stocks, no micro-caps, no options. Carnivore Trading is a group of professional traders that deliver to its subscriber family (“The Carnivores”) Instant Text Alerts for trades it is recommending. We find explosive trade set ups and deliver them in real time to the Carnivores. Our family of Carnivore Traders act on them if they wish at whatever brokerage firm they hold their accounts. Carnivore is not a brokerage and we do not do any trades for you. We give you the recommendation, you do the trade yourself. In a word, we want you to make real money and we give you the live, actionable trades to execute in your own third-party discount brokerage account. Some of our existing, real Carnivore subscribers are up over 100% in 2020 and they haven’t even done all the trades.

ABOUT: Carnivore Trading was started by Dutch, Donk, and Trader Z, all professional Wall Streeters that have worked together at some of the biggest and best firms on Wall Street and have 100+ years of combined trading and Wall Street experience. We believe that Wall Street has become fundamentally flawed and is now structurally designed to produce mediocrity. Wall Street is living off its former reputation, not who they are today. They are no longer money makers for you, they simply want to keep your money invested at all times and keep making big fees off your account. Unfortunately, they just want the annual fee, and absolutely DO NOT CARE if you make any money. FIND THEIR WEBSITE HERE: FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK HERE:

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